Look at you, aren't you full of life? 


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Hey, you loving soul out there, I am XEN.

So lovely to meet you!

... thank you for having an open mind and decided to read these words ...

Catch me up thriving in my 'jupi' world where I see things easy.

I am overly passionate about my work. I feel I want to give away. To inspire. By my journey, words, the life I lead, work I do on myself, the energy I feel around - by just being ME. I wish to bring more mindfulness into this world.

I have regular meaningful conversations with people I work with. I every day notice the need of this world's awareness. 

I enjoy sharing my perspectives to move people's mind and make them reconsider their ways of thinking - it makes them naturally calmer. I enjoy charging them with such needed life energy.

I help individuals and groups to navigate their personal life with more compassion. I also work with companies where I navigate busy minds to find calm and balance which automatically impacts all areas of life and so it increases their productivity at work. 
I wasn’t always doing this 'mindful' life. Quite the opposite, infact, I started my spiritual journey only five years ago.

"Every day I listen to great souls who truly inspire me. Every day I seek knowledge to better understand people I work with."

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Before we start I only have one question for you:

"We are all able to live at peace with ourselves - do you have the balls to overcome your ego and surrender?

I guess the reason why you are here is to fall in love with life.

Would you allow yourself to improve your daily life? Would you allow me to become your generous guide? Would you be open to welcome that greatness hidden inside of you?

I know, too many questions! But if so, I'd love to hear from you and listen to your beautiful and surely sometimes challenging story.

I want to hear your thoughts, find out about your fears, worries, ambitions, intensions and goals. I wish to guide you in a way that you get control over your thoughts and therefore you find YOUR way of leading your life. 

Let me know if your mind is wide open so we can schedule free initial phone call and get to know each other first.

Mindful Guidance in Business 

with XEN

Spiritual mentoring is a type of guidance that focuses on learning how to trust yourself, listen and act upon your inner wisdom and intuition

Mindfulness can decrease stress, mitigate burnout, improve collaborations, drive creativity, and foster stronger workplace cultures.

Investing in mindfulness training has been shown to save organisation's money and, ultimately, improve the bottom line.

I help workers living mindfully so they become happier at the workplace. they become Re-engaged, Re-energised & Excited People.


Increased Unity, Culture and Workplace Satisfaction

Improved Productivity

Improved Accountability

Improved Communication
Increased Profitability
Reduced stress at work

Reignited passion & purpose, BOTH AT WORK & IN LIFE

mindfulness guide FOR companies

Based on my long term work with my clients I realise such importance of having the opportunity of a mental support in the company whenever the worker needs. 

They tell me: 

“When you have the chance to speak with somebody who isn’t bias it really helps to let things go away and become more productive at work.” 

“The feeling that you have somebody there to talk to anytime is a relieve, and not necessarily going for advice but just to be listened to is an priceless feeling.”

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... some time ago I used to BLOG about my thoughts, look where I started ...

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What my people think

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"I am truly grateful to have her in my life"

"I was introduced to Xenia through my best friend and I feel like that was a gift in itself. Working with Xen has brought so much peace and balance to my life. She helped me to opened up something in me that has been missing for a long time and for that I am so grateful. Though I am not perfect, calls with Xen are. I look forward to our calls together every week as they help me to refocus and recenter myself and be patient with myself. Xen is so patient, kind and so loving with me as a client that I feel we have become more than just that. To be completely honest, I don't know where I would be without her, but I am truly grateful to have her in my life and I look forward to the success of not just myself, but of Xenia too ❤️"

Kari Miller

karla watkins review picture

"Choosing Xenia as my life coach was the best decision I made for 2020!"

"Xenia has helped me recognise my past trauma and how it affects my habits today as an adult. Whilst I am still on this journey to living and leading a more fulfilling life, I am greatful to God for putting her in my life to help me navigate the challenges I normally face alone. She is a great listener and very action orientated so don't waste your time on her if you aren't willing to take the steps to make progress. She's a brilliant life coach!"

Karla Watkins