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XEN is an Inspiring Mentor. What does it mean?

Her main goal is to assist you in what you need. Sessions with XEN are fun, full of energy and most importantly, customised. You can contact her at xenia.dvorinova@gmail.com or write her a message directly on WhatsApp via this page, click on the GetButton at the bottom right.

XEN is a recognized certified mentor living for 13 years in Denmark, England, Spain. She studied journalism in Bratislava and management in Denmark. She also worked as a mentor in a TOP London real estate agency for seven years.
She works with the whole world; with Canada, New York, Barbados, London and others. Individually, in groups, privately, for businesses. Virtually and in person.

In cooperation with companies, she helps managers and employees with busy and hurried minds finding a balance and thus make working time and well-being in the workplace more efficient.

"Every day I listen to great souls who truly inspire me. Every day I seek knowledge to better understand people I work with."

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A 45-minute chat with XEN in Slovak or English is an energetic chat for professionals, businessmen, less confident mums, teenagers or for those who lack motivation, life energy, new perspectives.

INSPIRING CHATS IN CLOSED WOMEN GROUP / online 60 min chat two times a month in a group of maximum six women different ages. Women are being carefully selected to be compatible and together can create safe space for each women to feel secure talking and sharing.

It is a safe space for everyone who wants to be heard or find their person to talk, share, laugh and most importantly - inspiration.

Inspiring Mentoring with XEN

"Your decision to work through your stuff changes everyone around you."

In this space you can work with XEN on your darker sides that we all have. You have to be ready to work on yourself and prioritize this process. One meeting lasts 60 minutes. It is necessary to start with a minimum of 5 sessions. Try a 30-minute free call with XEN to see if it can work.


“XEN, I am grateful for you. You helped me a lot. I went through a personal change, you calmed me down a lot. Thanks to you, I realized what I have and what I didn't see. My colleagues tell me that I look happy. My personal relationships have settled. Thanks to your right questions, I changed my outlook on life." Zuzana J.
"No matter how sad I can be, as soon as I see you, I smile. It's always different with you, I don't know why, but I always feel comfortable and safe." Nelka P.
"XEN, you're the best, sitting with you is so inspiring, it doesn't stress me out, on the contrary, I'm looking forward to it. This time with you gives me meaning, especially your attitude." Erika B.


Based on long term work with clients XEN realises such importance of having the opportunity of a mental support in the company whenever the worker needs. 

They say: 

“When you have the chance to speak with somebody who isn’t bias it really helps to let things go away and become more productive at work.” 

“The feeling that you have somebody there to talk to anytime is a relieve, and not necessarily going for advice but just to be listened to is an priceless feeling.”

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What my people think..

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"I am truly grateful to have her in my life"

"I was introduced to Xenia through my best friend and I feel like that was a gift in itself. Working with Xen has brought so much peace and balance to my life. She helped me to opened up something in me that has been missing for a long time and for that I am so grateful. Though I am not perfect, calls with Xen are. I look forward to our calls together every week as they help me to refocus and recenter myself and be patient with myself. Xen is so patient, kind and so loving with me as a client that I feel we have become more than just that. To be completely honest, I don't know where I would be without her, but I am truly grateful to have her in my life and I look forward to the success of not just myself, but of Xenia too ❤️"

Kari Miller

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"Choosing Xenia as my life coach was the best decision I made for 2020!"

"Xenia has helped me recognise my past trauma and how it affects my habits today as an adult. Whilst I am still on this journey to living and leading a more fulfilling life, I am greatful to God for putting her in my life to help me navigate the challenges I normally face alone. She is a great listener and very action orientated so don't waste your time on her if you aren't willing to take the steps to make progress. She's a brilliant life coach!"

Karla Watkins