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" I just love being that 'someone' for other souls out there. "

xenia in a dress

Few years ago I went through a life crisis.

  • I was so LOST

  • I knew I needed to find my real LIFE PURPOSE

  • I felt UNHEALTHY

  • I had TOXIC relationships

  • I was doing SELF-DESTRUCTIVE things

  • I was satisfying too many needs of others and not thinking of my own WELL-BEING

  • I was being LAUGHED AT..

I chose to work on myself....

  • I live in the cutest Andalusian city in Spain & I work from home

  • I designed my life according to my values and now I live on my terms

  • I am financially independent

  • I am living my passion every single day by doing a meaningful work that helps others

  • I share my life with the most handsome and perfect man by my side

Today I live the life I wanted for myself.

xenia sitting on a chair and smiling

..and my aim is to help you to do the same.

"I get told I'm friendly but uncompromising,  loving but direct, caring but sometimes too bohemian."

... I love myself for who I am. Finally - it took me some time!

My journey

My journey abroad began when I was 22 and left Slovakia. I was pursuing my Master's degree in Journalism when I decided to go overseas and abandon my dancing career and dreams of becoming a TV presenter.

In the second year of my UNI in Denmark I had to attend an Internship somewhere in the world. I applied in a few countries and from the only application sent to London they called me and accepted me for the three-month Internship. Exciting news, I was going to London! I was supposed to be there for three months and came back to Slovakia but I stayed for 7 years!

While struggling with money I ended up by coincidence working for a Real Estate company. Then, after three failed attempts applying to London's biggest Real Estate Agencies, I was finally hired by one. This was the start of my long and successful career ... only until I realised that this wasn’t for me anymore.

I started to lose my passion and motivation after 5 years and for a while I was scared to give up the lifestyle and success I created for myself in this career. I did not know how to break the cycle and everyday I was tormented with this feeling of inadequacy. I kept asking myself, why I was not happy when I had everything I desired: a successful career which I enjoyed, amazing friends, money, a beautiful flat, family, health and an expensive car. (In London, having a car is a luxury).

However, I could not keep ignoring this burning desire that this was not the life I truly wanted to live. I felt stuck, I did not know what my next steps would be, I did not know what other paths to take, all I knew was that something had to change.

"The only way I could find myself again was to leave this job and everything behind."

My colleague recommended a book to me and so I started to read. I needed to find answers. And only later I understood that knowledge is everything.

The Book from Rebecca Campel ‘The light is new black’ was the first book I put my hands on since I was a child and it has literally changed my life. It made me realise that the light inside me is no longer ‘burning’. I slowly started to discover that I could live in a whole different way.

So I quit and things became really uncomfortable.

I started over from the beginning.

I was out of work from one day to the next, impoverished, and all I knew was what I didn't want but didn't know what I did want. I set a one-year deadline for myself to figure this out. As a result, I took a year off.

I returned to Slovakia. I didn’t know for how long. All I knew is that I want to be close to my family and take some time off. While in Slovakia, suddenly this idea came to my mind. I had this strong desire to create something unique while using the time I took off.

I organised the biggest Zumba festival in Slovakia.

ZUMBA® FEST SLOVAKIA is a real deal. I am honoured to have it organised with the most creative good friend of mine and together we created the greatest festival in Slovakia which got completely sold out ;) Six months of work got paid off. Check out little sneak peak from the first ZUMBA® FEST SLOVAKIA 2019:

During my 1 year off I also started to blog.

I also wanted to share my thoughts as I go through my life changing journey. I wanted to share all the insights of my journey and perhaps inspire others to follow their right path too.
And then…

I moved to Madrid. I followed my partner there at the time but things got complicated again in our relationship.

So I started to coach myself.

I did some Life Coaching courses while in the worst lockdown in Madrid.

My biggest motivation was to coach myself and then be able to help others. I got my first clients and I quickly understood that this was something I wanted to dedicate my time to.

“I find it more satisfying to seek out the positives in others. It’s highly rewarding.”

Yoga is my lifesafer: If I start my day without Yoga it’s like something is missing on that day.

I started with Yoga while in London 7 years ago when I couldn't switch off. I was exhausted to the point that I couldn't relax. So I started to meditate 5 minutes a day. Later I added some relaxing exercises and that resulted in practising yoga every day. It is the best thing I could start doing for myself.

I believe there is no better way to improve mental and physical health. I also find that I am more empathic and understanding. It inspires me to move through life in a more loving way.

Lastly, inspiration is what everybody needs.

I love to get my mind blown away by Marie Forleo, Gary Zukav, Robin Sharma, Lauren Martin, Oprah Winfrey, Rebecca Campbell, Melissa Abrosini, Mel Wells and so many others.

"We are all on a journey. Let’s make sure we are on it with the right people."